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Our first ever Wedding Car. ❤️


Lincoln Town Car Limousine

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Who are we?

In 1999 I started a company chauffeuring American stretch Limousines. We did days out to Silverstone, Ascot, trips to London, as well as many other Special occasions and Proms, oh and Weddings!! 

As with everything, the trend changes and although still popular, it was clear the hiring of stretch Limousines was declining. It was said that we were 5 years behind America, they had already moved on to Black and Silver Limousines and they were now focusing more on Corporate style cars. Party Buses & retired Fire Engines were being introduced here, but Stretch Limousines was where my heart was. After much thought I decided it was time to hang up my Chauffeurs hat.

Retaining a passion for cars, I've owned various American, Prestigious & Classic cars throughout my life, building the collection I have today.

In 2021 I retired from the Wood flooring trade, having owned a successful well known company in my home town for 20 years. Our showroom and warehouse had the largest selection of wooden flooring in the county. I've been in flooring even longer, starting as an Installer, but in the later years was primarily in the office or doing surveys and site visits. I have been fortunate to fit Solid, Engineered and bespoke wooden floors all over the country, into everything from Dolls houses to Penthouses, Boats, Caravans, Lodges, Vehicles oh and of course...houses!! It'd been suggested many times over the years, that with the cars I have, returning to Wedding hire would be an obvious choice. In April 2020 I dusted off my chauffeurs hat and setup Yesteryear in preparation for my retirement from flooring, although with COVID-19, lockdowns and postponements of weddings, it wasn't an easy task. 

Yesteryear is a family run company offering a relaxed, friendly but professional approach to Wedding hire. For more information or advise on what we can offer, please dont hesitate to get in touch. 
Yesteryear 💐🎟️

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