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Reliant Supervan III

This Car has had 14 views & 2 quotes have been sent out in last few days. Don't miss out, get a quote and book today!


“During the War!”

“Lovely Jubbly!”

The iconic 'OFAH Trotter Van' is the perfect choice for Themed events, Weddings, Music videos, TV & Premieres.


“He who dares, Wins!”

Keep guests entertained at your event or Wedding, with the opportunity to sit and have photos taken with one of TV's most recognisable vehicles ever! 

“This time next year, we'll be Millionaires!”

This Trotter Van is available for hire in Northamptonshire, altho it is possible that it can travel to 'Plonkers' around the UK! 

Reliant Supervan III: Rentals
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